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How do I deal with a connection request?

You can find outstanding connection requests via 'user management' > In progress. Click on a connection request to open it. Check the business data the user has entered. Three options are displayed: Accept, Reject and End Date.

Under ‘accept’, you can enter the end date – for example if the connected employee has a temporary contract. The user will be automatically disconnected on this date and will receive a warning e-mail 7 days prior to termination.

All accepted users can be found under the employees tab.

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How do I deal with a request to change business information?

The request can be found under 'User Management' > 'change requests’ tab. You can click on any request to reveal more information. Here you can accept or decline the request.

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How do I disconnect a user (temporarily or permanently)?

Find the employee in question via 'user management' > Employees. Click to open the employee details of the employee you want to disconnect from the organisation and select the 'suspend user' option to temporarily disconnect them. At this point, the employee can no longer do any work for the organisation.

If you are sure that the employee needs to be removed, navigate to the 'Suspended' tab.Click to open the employee’s details again. Use "disconnect user" to completely disconnect the employee. By clicking “restore”, you can reactivate a user who has been temporarily disconnected.

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How do I validate my users (via periodic validation)?

This is only possible if "periodic validation" is enabled for the organisation.
You can find this option in the 'user management' tab - 'employees' - [click to open user overview] - 'validate user'

Check (1) whether the user is still employed (2) whether the user still needs access to IAMconnected (3) whether the user's details are correct:

  • Disconnect the user if they are no longer employed or no longer need access.
  • Ask the user to change their details if they are incorrect.
  • Everything in order? Click on "validate user".

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How do I look up a username?

You can find the username under 'user management' for the relevant user.

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