As the release-to-party or cargo director, why can I only nominate my haulier with an EAN code?

The EAN code is mandatory when submitting a prenotification in the service Hinterland Container Notification (HCN). This identifies a company.

Secure Chain

Terminals validate the EAN code and if the organisation of the driveris active within the Secure Chain. When there is a mis-match the driver will be denied to access the terminal.

Secure Logistics

The organisation Secure Logistics issues an EAN code to a company when it registers itself. They check various details of the company, such as the NIWO licence. To ensure digital security in other services that are part of the Portbase Secure Chain, it was decided to also include this in the service Cargo Controller.

To avoid having to manually enter the EAN code each time, we are developing an address book. This will (automatically) store the EAN codes of companies after an initial entry.

How can I the retrieve the EAN code of my inland operators?

Your inland operator can supply this information, but you can retrieve this manually via the nominate action in the web screens:

  1. Go to -button on container (or B/L) level and select ‘Nominate Inland Operator’.
  2. In this screen you can enter the name of your inland operator. We automatically fill in the name:
  3. You will see both the location and the EAN code of the carrier in the results. You can take this over for your own administration.

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