Can I Authorize and/or Nominate via an Excel upload?

Yes that is possible. It is largely the same as tracking new B/Ls via an Excel upload, but you will have to provide more information.

Tracking multiple B/Ls in one go

We also call this a batch upload.
You can enter a maximum of 500 B/Ls in one go with an Excel file. You can now also manage the Secure Chain per container.

  1. Select ‘Add’.
  2. Click the ‘Upload file’ button at the bottom of the ‘Cargo’ section; this will take you to an Excel template.
  3. Complete the Excel template with the required data (B/L number, equipment number and optionally your own reference) and save the file.
  4. Click ‘Upload file’ and select the Excel file you just saved. Now select ‘Upload’.
  5. You will receive a confirmation of all the B/Ls successfully and not successfully added.
    • Successfully added B/Ls are automatically added to Cargo Controller.
    • B/Ls not successfully added do not meet the criteria. An explanation for the rejection will be displayed. You can now manually correct or delete the data.
    • If you do so, select Save afterwards. The corrected B/L data will now be added to Cargo Controller.

You have now controlled the Secure Chain in bulk.

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