How can I work faster within the Secure Chain?

The options within Cargo Release Manager are limited. The Secure Chain supports working ahead while the commercial release is not yet available. However, some additional features have not been made available within the Cargo Release Manager service as it is offered free of charge.

That in itself is not a problem, but it is good that you know what the consequences are and what options there are that you may want to use to work more effectively:

Cargo Release Manager:

When you have the role of Release-to Party, you are reactive to the commercial release and therefore slower than you can work ahead in Cargo Controller.
Tip: Registering a Trusted Cargo Director can help you with this, provided your forwarder uses Cargo Controller.

Cargo Controller gratis?

In Cargo Controller you have full insight into the B/L if a B/L is tracked prior to the commercial release, but this will be offset by transaction costs. However, an intermediate step is also possible: In Cargo Controller you can choose not to view additional cargo information, still work reactively to the commercial release, but automate the Trust Chain actions via API without transaction costs. This doesn’t change the above scheme except that it no longer requires manual actions from your users.

For more information, read here how this works and contact our Sales department for the possibilities.

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