How can I change, add or delete the equipment (trailer or container number) in Notification Export Documentation?

An equipment can be changed by deleting the incorrect equipment and entering the new one on the document in Notification Export Documentation.  The deleting and entering can only be done by the company that made the notification, provided that the shipment has not been received at the terminal (no ‘Gate-in’).  See the explanation under ‘Change/add/delete’ or ‘System link’ below.

Contact the terminal to add or delete an equipment if the shipment has been received at the terminal and the manifest has not yet been sent.

Why can only the terminal make changes after arrival?

-Only the terminal can make changes after arrival, otherwise the terminal records will not match those of Portbase.

-Customs receives a message when the entire shipment(possibly divided between several equipments) associated with the prenotification in Notification Export Documentation has arrived at the terminal. Subsequently, an inspection may be notified or the container(s) are released. Adding an equipment after arrival cannot be done unilaterally because the inspection has already been carried out by customs.

To change, add or delete an equipment in the notification, you need to look up the notification in the service Notification Export Documentation. Enter the document number in the search filter and set the date range to the day the notification was made. Then select the ‘Document number’ (not ‘Transport equipment ID(s)’) in the line that comes up. The message will open in a new screen where you can make the changes.

  • An equipment can be changed by deleting the line with the incorrect equipment . The new equipment must be registered together with the booking number under ‘Add transport equipment’.Note: only select ‘Save’ after all changes have been made.
  • An equipment can be added by selecting ‘Add transport equipment’. The equipment must be registered together with the booking number.
  • An equipment can be deleted by selecting the recycle bin icon next to the line. You can also delete the entire notification at the bottom left by selecting ‘Delete shipment’.

 System link
If you use a system link you can send a ‘replace’ or ‘deletion’ message. Your software supplier can provide more information about this Not all systems are set up for this, in which case you will have to change or delete the message manually via the Portbase web screens.

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