How can I configure a webhook API when using the Cargo Controller API?

When you integrate the Cargo Controller with our API-linkup, the webhook URL can be configured in Cargo Controller. The webhook URL is the ‘mailbox’ of your software that receives all updates from Cargo Controller.

Your software supplier will provide an URL.

The person within your organisation that is pointed ‘head user of the Port Community System’ is able to store that URL in the settings of Cargo Controller.

Step 1) Open the Cargo Controller notification settings

Step 2a) Set up the webhook URL Enter the URL here and choose ‘save’. Cargo Controller immediately checks whether the URL can be reached. If Cargo Controller can reach the URL, the URL will be saved. If this does not work, you will receive an error message. In that case, check with your software vendor that the URL is correct. NB! Only one URL can be registered per organization.

Step 2b) Set up error email notification for the webhook URL Under the URL, you can register an email address (or several) should there be a failure to get the API updates on your URL. This allows you to directly assign these notifications to your internal IT specialist and/or software supplier.

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