How can I configure a webhook API when using the Cargo Controller API?

For full technical specifications, please refer to our Developer Portal.
If you are going to use our API link, you can set the webhook URL yourself. This is, as it were, the mailbox where your software receives all updates from Cargo Controller. Your IT specialist or software supplier can create a URL for this yourself. A person in your organization who is known to us as an ‘API user’ in the Port Community System can set this URL for the organization in the settings of the Cargo Controller.

NB! Multiple people can be assigned these rights, but only one URL per organization can be registered. Depending on your own guidelines, you can now also grant your software supplier’s account these rights.

Step 1) Open the Cargo Controller notification settings

Step 2) Configure the webhook URL as provided by your software supplier

Cargo Controller will validate the URL directly. When validation succeeds, the URL will be stored and de webhook is configured correctly. When validation fails, an error will be shown and the URL is not stored. Please verify with your software provider that de URL is correct and active.

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