How can I configure a webhook API when using the Cargo Controller API?

When you integrate the Cargo Controller with our API-linkup, the webhook URL can be configured in Cargo Controller. The webhook URL is the ‘mailbox’ of your software that receives all updates from Cargo Controller. Your IT specialist or software supplier will provide an URL.

Interface Specialists

Your IT specialist or software supplier will be put in touch with our Interface Specialists. They provide the API keys and coordinate the webhook registration with each other. In this way you are assured that your connection has been successfully registered.

Multiple web hooks

Portbase currently supports a maximum of 2 deviating URLs. This is particularly efficient if you use several systems that both need to be updated at the same time. Both URLs will then receive the same B/L updates at the same time. The transaction costs will not double, transactions are registered based on B/Ls that you track, not on the number of updates you receive from us.

If you want to use this, you will have to request the second webhook as an additional service, you can do this at the Sales department. There are one-off connection costs associated with this.

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