How can I link pre-notifications from the old HCN Road to pre-notifications in the new service?

It is not possible to attach pre-notifications in the old HCN Road (Road Legacy) and the renewed HCN Road to the same TAR.

To link pre-notifications in this situation, proceed as follows:

  • Go to the ‘Legacy Road’ tab via the service HCN Road
  • Cancel the pre-notification that is to be combined
  • Wait a few minutes so that the terminal is able to process the cancellation
  • Go to HCN Road (new)
  • Submit a new pre-notification for the container in question
  • You will receive back a TAR code
  • Combine the containers using the TAR code of your choosing

Note: Users who use a bookmark will need to adjust this so that it directs to the new HCN Road environment.

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