I have received a commercial release by e-mail but I can’t see the B/L in Cargo Controller or Cargo Release Manager.

When you receive the exemption from the shipping company, you should normally immediately gain insight into the B/L and B/L data. There should be a maximum delay of one hour between the moment of exemption and making it available within our services. Does it take longer than an hour? Then go through these steps before you consult customer service. These steps are listed in order of the most common causes of reported issues at the Customer Service:

  1. Correct B/L number: If you already followed the B/L for the release in Cargo Controller, you will receive an update designating you as the ‘Release-to party’. Check that you are following the correct B/L number. A release is only given on a B/L that is known via the import manifest, therefor the B/L cannot have the status ‘This B/L is not (yet) available’.
  2. Active filters: A common mistake is if you accidentally have a filter active so that you cannot find the B/L. Check your filters, deactivate them with the ‘Clear filters’ button and search for your B/L again.
  3. PCS release: In Cargo Release Manager you can only track cargo from the moment of the release is issued. Be the first to check whether the carrier has sent you a commercial exemption outside PCS. Carriers use the term ‘PCS release’ or ‘release without PIN’ for this. If necessary, contact your carrier directly.
    If the carrier has sent the commercial release via PCS and you are the actual ‘release-to-party’, then you can contact Customer Service. There may be a disturbance or a filter active that causes you to miss the B/L.

If you have gone through the steps above and the result is not changed, please contact our Customer Service and we will help you further.

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