I can’t select my inland operator to nominate, what now?

After you have chosen the option ‘Nominate inland operator’ you will see a pop-up screen. If you start typing the company name of your inland operator, it would automatically be completed with all organizations known to Portbase.

If your inland operator is not known in the service Hinterland Container Notification (HCN), you cannot select it for the role inland operator. Your inland operator must first register with Portbase and before you can continue with the Chain of Trust.

Should this block your current cargo from further processing, you have two choices:

  • Use another inland operator that is known to Portbase or
  • ask the shipping company not to release these B/Ls via the PCS but by sending a PIN code to you and your haulier by e-mail.

Important! At most terminals, pre-notification by your inland operator is mandatory and in time, the option of unloading a container using a PIN code will be withdrawn. This is due to its susceptibility to fraud.

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