What does error code 6233 entail?

Your export document notification has been rejected by Customs with error code 6233. This means that: ‘registration of the arrival notification is impossible in view of the current status MRN’.

In this situation, your best option is to contact Customs to find out the exact reason why the notification was rejected. You can reach Customs by phone at +31 (0)88-1566655.

Deleting export document notifications
If desired, the rejected export document notification can be deleted from Portbase by the company that has registered said notification. In the service Notification Export Documentation, the document number must be entered in the search filter. Please note that the ‘from date’ also needs to be adjusted to the date on which the document was registered. Next, you can click on the underlined document number in the registration that has appeared. The notification will then open and you can select ‘delete shipment’ at the bottom left.

We recommend that you still contact the relevant shipping line to inform them that the rejected document has been removed from Portbase and that a new document has been or will be registered.

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