Will I be able to do everything via my own system or do I also have to use web screens?

If you have API connections, then you will only have to make use of web screens in special cases. When you initially temporarily connect via EDI, you must use the web screens for providing additional information for each inland barge call. The aim is for every barge operator to switch to the HCN Barge API connection as soon as possible.

In the case of APIs, you use the web screens for:

  • requesting fixed windows details;
  • requesting rotation and call details, such as Planned Time Scope in, ATAT and ATDT;
  • viewing/entering call details, such as viewing the status of an agreement or manually finalising a loading/unloading list;
    input of master data;
  • requesting location details and locations with available capacity;
  • requesting list of hazardous substances (UN numbers);
  • entering (incidental) (un)available ship information.

In the case of EDI, you perform the following supplementary to the planning:

  • entering call details such as number of containers, size of containers;
  • linking containers to call;
  • entering rotation data, such as TEU on board and scope in/out location.

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