Simplifications in the Secure Chain

14 March 2024 | Cargo Controller

In the next few weeks Portbase will release some changes concerning functionalities for the Secure Chain within Cargo Controller. With the start of the Secure Chain we have interviewed and challenged several community members and processed this feedback towards improved functionalities. Our main goal is to improve the visual character and by simplifying actions within the Secure Chain.


In stead of surprising our users with new changes, we want to inform you pro-actively about the upcoming changes. The next few weeks we will launch individual changes and we will update this document when it has happened. Besides this early announcement, we will inform you via our in-service messages and FAQ’s when a change is released, as we always do.

Please Note: All visualisations that are shown below are concepts, the released features may diverse from these concepts.

Secure chain role: What is my role and what do I need to do?

Many starters in the Secure Chain had given us feedback to simplify this part, therefor we will move all Secure Chain actions and role information to the overview screen.

In the example above you will immediately notice when a secure chain needs to be processed by you (grey) or is completed (green). And you can filter on your organisation role and the actions that might be pending within that secure chain.

Secure Chain pop-up

When you click on the secure chain section a pop-up screen will open like our beloved ‘Container Status”. It will show you which secure chain party assigned your organisation to this release and what action is needed. We will limit all secure chain actions based upon your current role and status within the chain.

Simplify Secure Chain actions

We will limit all secure chain actions based upon your current role and status within the chain. For example:

  • When you have nominated a inland operator, you than can only change the inland operator.

  • When you have authorised an cargo director, you than can only revoke the cargo director. Afterwards you will receive new actions to nominate or assign a different party.

New functionality for Cargo Release Manager

There will be a specific change made for Cargo Release Manager Releases, you can read that here.