Phasing out Notification Local Clearance | Update NID-notification

20 July 2023 | Notification Local Clearance

You are receiving this mailing as a user of the Notification Local Clearance service.

In the coming period, Portbase will add two new document types to the Notification Import Documentation (NID) service. This is a result of updates to the Entry in Administration through the Customs Declaration Management System (DMS). If you pre-notify documents to the terminal via a system link, we recommend that you share this message internally with the concerning department(s).

Notification Local Clearance
As you may already know, the service Notification Local Clearance will be phased out on December 31st 2023. Instead of the current NID-notification with the permit number as reference, a NID-notification will follow with a unique Movement Reference Number (MRN). Read more about DMS 4.1 here. Read more information about the phasing out of Notification Local Clearance here.

Once your permit is transferred by Customs, the way you pre-notify documents at the terminal via Portbase will also change. Customs informed you about this procedure in the May 2023 DMS newsletter.

With the introduction of DMS 4.1, this can only be submitted via the service NID which means two new document types. The new procedure is going to use the following document types:

  • IAI: Registration in Import Administration (replaces DIN)
  • IAE: Registration in the Entrepot Administration (replaces DEN)

In either case, enter the MRN number which you received from Customs.
The new document types can now be used with a system link. You can find the new specifications here.

Terminal permission
As a client of the Notification Local Clearance service, you have made arrangements, within the Notification Local Clearance system, to be allowed to submit a DIN or DEN NID-notification. With respect to the new document types, we have had your existing agreements with terminals updated as of Tuesday August 1st 2023. You no longer need to make new arrangements for this.

Implementation and Termination
From now on, you will control as to when you start the DMS declaration and stop the current Notification Local Clearance scheme (and Notification Local Clearance). If you stop before the phase-out, you can cancel your subscription to the Notification Local Clearance service sooner. You can cancel this subscription by emailing The first three parties to make this transition, will receive a surprise package!