Hinterland Container Notification (HCN) Rail

Track & trace for all your import cargo. A complete picture of the status of ships expected in the port, when your containers are unloaded and when they depart the sea terminal on a single screen. Cargo Tracker builds on the Port of Rotterdam’s Boxinsider solution.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Making changes

Is it possible to cancel a status request (COPINO 13)?

It is unfortunately not possible to cancel a status request (COPINO 13). This will automatically expire or be overwritten when you submit a new status request (COPINO 13) or a prenotification (COPINO 9).


What seal number do you enter for a FLAT?

You may enter FLAT or TANK here.

Process progress

How many characters are permitted in the seal number?

The seal number you enter in your prenotification must always be between two and fifteen positions long. Entering a longer number or only a single full stop or a single space is not permitted.

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