IAMconnected is the DigiD for port and logistics. You can log in securely and easily to multiple digital services of the port logistics community via one entrance and manage the access of other users.


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Frequently Asked Questions


What is IAMconnected?

IAMconnected is a new Portbase service for Identity & Access Management. This service provides you with a personal logistics passport. You then have access to the services of multiple companies and organisations through a single point. You’ll no longer need to remember login details for each service separately. Logging in once with IAMconnected will be enough.

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Why IAMconnected?

IAMconnected allows you to use a single login for connected services/applications. Simple, safe and at no extra cost.

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What do I have to do to get connected as an individual user?

You’ll need to create a new individual account. You then specify which company your account should be linked to. The administrator of that company must accept you as an employee.

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Which details do I need to record in IAMconnected?

First name, last name, user ID (unique), e-mail address (individual, business (or private)), mobile phone number. The e-mail address is used for the activation process and for resetting your password if necessary.

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I work for 2 different companies (as an employee or freelancer); how will that work in terms of IAMconnected?

You can be linked to 2 different companies with 1 account. When you log in, you can use a drop-down menu to switch between companies.

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Which services are linked to IAMconnected?

Currently, the Port of Rotterdam’s MyPort service. Other Port of Rotterdam services will be connected in the future. The Port Community System (PCS) will also be linked to IAMconnected.

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How can I unsubscribe from IAMconnected?

By sending an e-mail to the Portbase service desk (servicedesk@portbase.com) telling us that you no longer wish to use IAMconnected.

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How much does IAMconnected cost?

The cost of IAMconnected will not be charged to the user. The cost will instead be charged to supplier of these services (the service provider).

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I don’t remember my login details. Who can I contact?

The Portbase service desk can assist you. You can contact them on 088-625 2525 or servicedesk@portbase.com.

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I have lost my phone and I use Multi Factor Authentication (MFA). What should I do?

The Portbase service desk can assist you.  They will reset it so that a new phone number can be registered for your account.

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Error messages

I have created an account but I see a blank screen. What should I do?

After signing up for IAMconnected, you need to link to the required organisation. You do so by looking it up under organisation management. As soon as the administrator accepts you, you can get started.

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