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How long is a rejected notification listed in the overview screen?

A rejected local clearance notification always remains in the overview screen.

In case the rejected notification was an original notification, the notification has not been processed by Dutch Customs.

In case the rejected notification was an update on a previous notification, only the changes in the update have been rejected. The original notification remains valid with Dutch Customs.

Process progress

I have linked a B/L but it does not show up in Notification Local Clearance. Why is that?

If you have linked a B/L in Cargo Information 2.0 but this is not displayed in Notification Local Clearance under ‘new notifications’, this can be due to the following reasons:

  • Someone has already submitted a Notification Local Clearance for this B/L. As a result, it is listed under the sent notifications.
  • The shipping line has not yet sent the import manifest (ATO) to Customs. You can contact the shipping line in question for this. When the shipping line has sent the ATO, it will be visible on the screen.

The terminal notification remains stuck on ‘not sent’. How can I fix this?

Check whether the terminal is connected to Notification Local Clearance.
An overview of connected terminals can be found here.

Should the terminal not be connected, then it is correct that no notification is sent to the terminal. If the terminal is connected, you need to contact the terminal for the terminal contract. Do you require assistance with this? Then please contact our sales department:

Can I delete a container or the entire notification if this has already been submitted to Customs?

You can do this by requesting the relevant B/L on the start screen of the service and deselecting all previously selected lines of goods items with the ‘-‘ option. Next, click on ‘send’. After this, the system will ask whether the notification needs to be deleted. If deletion is selected here, Customs will be sent a notification that the Notification Local Clearance will be withdrawn. You can remove one goods item or the entire B/L in this way.

Making changes

How can I add a new license number or change an existing license?

A new license can be added to the ‘address book’ when creating a new Notification Local Clearance. Click on the ‘Select an option’ arrow and next on ‘add’ for a new license or on the pen icon if you want to make a change. If multiple B/Ls are selected, only previously entered licenses can be selected.

How do I edit the Download file?

When using the download function, you will receive a CSV document. This document can then be opened in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel. In Excel, you can select the entire column A and then, via the ‘Data’ tab, use the function ‘Text to columns’. In the window that opens, select ‘Delimited’ and then click ‘next’. In the following window, select ‘comma’ as the only delimiter. Then click on ‘Finish’. Once you have done this, all your data will be divided into columns.

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