Hinterland Container Notification Barge

Multimodal foreclosure portal for pre-reporting visits and containers to a wide variety of terminals and depots via all hinterland modalities – truck, rail, inland shipping. The development of Notification Container Hinterland takes place in phases and gradually replaces the current Road Planning, Barge Planning and Rail Planning services.

Frequently Asked Questions


How to split or combine Hutchison Ports ECT Delta Terminal barge visits?

It is possible to link two separate DDE/DDN visits together, this way:

  • ETA and ETD of both barge visits will be equal
  • ECT recognizes that the two visits belong together based on the first call ID in the rotation.
  • The total number of handlings of the two visits add up, and all together (should) meet the minimum call size
  • ECT is able to determine the most efficient load/discharge locations

MCA Barge shows the previous ECT call ID by default. To split DDE/DDN calls instead (for instance, because of other terminal visit(s) inbetween); change it into “Link to call ID: NO” (in the drop down menu).

Please be aware that ECT sends bargeplanning forecast updates (six e-mails a day).
ECT will only mention the first call ID on this forecast (ECT’s ‘master call ID’, in this example 3001028), and not the second call id (ECT’s ‘slave call ID’, in this example 3001029)

Furthermore, container pre-notifications can be sent to Portbase with the corresponding MCA Barge call ID. In this example; DDE containers with call ID 3001028, DDN containers with call ID 3001029.
The action "Cancel Visit" will cancel both linked visits.
If you wish to cancel only one of two linked visits, then "Save and Send" it with a call size of ‘zero’.

Where can I view the logbook?

Click on the rotation and then on the third tab, 'history'. Here you will find the logbook (see also the screenshot below). Here you can see all the events that took place during this rotation. Clicking on an event displays the rotation as it appeared at that moment in the past.

Note: you can search within the logbook by using the search function CTRL+F.

Is it possible to view a rotation/visit after it has been cancelled?

Once you have cancelled a rotation or visit, it will no longer be displayed on the HCN Barge web page. The terminal will receive a “Cancellation Requested” status update in connection with the cancelled visit/rotation. As soon as the terminal accepts the cancellation, the visit or rotation will no longer be visible on the terminal web page in HCN Barge.

How can I quickly find my prenotification/status request, visit or rotation?

There are search filters within the screens. By entering one or more search terms, you can create a list. Search terms can be combined by means of a space. A search is performed on the words you see in the list but also on words and fields in the entire prenotification/status request, visit or rotation.

Examples: Go to the list of 'Handlings' or the 'Handlings' tab in a visit.

Desired result: list of all handlings of containers Search terms
being loaded Loading
being discharged Discharge
with container number ABCD6170760 ABCD6170760
with booking number/clearance reference


being discharged with a rejected prenotification rejected discharge
that have been cancelled Cancelled
that are empty and have been discharged empty discharged
with shipping company 'Orient Overseas Container Line Ltd' OOCL
that are blocked BLC
for which the documents are not in order (Customs Documents Missing) CDM

Below is a summary of known codes which the terminal can communicate back to you via the handling status and which you can search on using the search filter.

Code Omschrijving
BCO Before cargo opening
BLA Blocked by shipping line
BLB Blocked by security
BLC Blocked due to customs
BLD Blocked by fire brigade
BLI Blocked by inspection
BLN Blocked due to difference in container number between delivery order and physical container
BLP Blocked by police
BLT Blocked by terminal/Not present
CDM Customs documents missing
COA Container not available
COK Container OK
COR Container not released/Booking status
COU Container unknown
CTV Cancel Terminal Visit
DUP Duplicate order
ORA Booking already in use
ORN Booking number unknown/Carrier or container lessor unknown
OTH Other
QQQ Conditionally accepted
RUB Message has error in specified EDIland category, ie. RUB76.1
BOF Booking status
BON Size/type
NNG Booking number unknown
VES Vessel unknown

Can you use MCA Barge on your smartphone and tablet

Yes, you can.

Which browsers are supported?

Common browsers including Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer are generally supported. The preference for optimum use is Google Chrome.

How can I set up e-mail notifications for prenotifications and or visits?

You can subscribe to e-mail notifications for prenotifications and/or visits under the Preferences tab in MCA Barge.

/!\ Please note: if you use a group e-mail address, please make sure that only one employee subscribes to these e-mails in order to avoid multiple identical notifications.

What do the figures displayed on the rotation and visit screen mean?

For example, if you see 5/50, this means: 5 handlings are linked to this rotation or visit and 50 containers are notified as the expected number to discharge. As a result, you can see that you can still link multiple handlings to this visit without exceeding the expected number to discharge.

/!\ Please note: as soon as the barge goes into operation, actual numbers are shown, for example: 2/40 = 2 containers actually loaded of a total of 40 containers prenotified for loading during this visit.

The numbers after the warning icon indicate how many containers there are issues with in the handling status.

Can I still submit the connecting seagoing vessel at terminal visit level?

No, this information is not used by the terminals. This may change in the future.

How do I add barge operators?

Go to the rotation and add one or more barge operators under the 'Cargo declarant' tab.

If a prenotification is conditionally accepted by the terminal, what can I and can’t I do with this prenotification?

You can do everything with this prenotification; for example, you can modify or cancel it.

Should the voyage number be unique or only in combination with the call ID?

There is no validation of whether the voyage number is unique.

Is there an Excel upload for uploading handlings in MCA Barge?

No, it doesn't exist.

If a terminal does not support editing of prenotifications, what can I do in our own planning system?

You must cancel the prenotification and then submit a new prenotification.

View the Functionality Matrix to see whether the terminal supports a modification message.

If a terminal does not support cancellation of prenotifications, what can I do in our own planning system?

Submit a cancel. MCA Barge will process it so that it is visible as 'cancelled' in the MCA Barge web screen. Towards the terminal side, a manual action is required. Contact the relevant terminal. For details, see the “Functionality Matrix – Hinterland”

How quickly are prenotifications/status requests processed?

The processing time varies depending on the terminal and the moment in time; it is partly dependent on the number of messages to be processed at any one time.

In addition, if you submit a modified prenotification or status request, it will not be forwarded to the terminal until the terminal has replied to the previous prenotification or status request. In short, by repeatedly submitting a status request/prenotification, you can create a queue for yourself.

I have submitted a prenotification from our planning system. Can I then submit a new prenotification and/or status request?

If you submit a new prenotification with the same combination, the prenotification will be rejected.

A prenotification may occur only once with the combination of:

  1. Container number
  2. Direction (loading/discharging)
  3. Clearance reference/booking number
  4. Terminal
  5. Shipping company

A status request can be submitted multiple times; however, once is enough to receive ongoing changes to the handling status.

Process progress

Why doesn’t the visit status change to “in operation” at the right time?

It is possible for the status of a visit to change to “in operation” well after the loading/discharging activities of that visit have begun or ended. The underlying signal for the status change in HCN Barge is the first gate-in/gate-out notification the terminal sends to Portbase for the barge visit in question. When the gate-in/gate-out confirmation is sent or processed at a later time, it gives a skewed impression of the actual operation's progress.

Why does my barge visit still show the status “in operation”?

The terminal confirms each visit as “completed” once handling has been finished. The terminal operator must do this manually. If the terminal has not (yet) confirmed completion, the visit will continue to display the status “in operation”. For the time being, this does not present a problem. When we begin supporting integral planning by Nextlogic, however, this issue will become important.

If I delete a prenotification of the visit in my own planning system, what happens?

MCA Barge sends a cancellation of the prenotification to the terminal. A status request is then sent to the terminal. It can be found as a separate status request in the web screen under the Handlings -> "Detached handlings" tab.

If you link the prenotification to another visit, MCA Barge will send a cancellation of the prenotification to the terminal. A new prenotification will then be sent to the terminal of the new visit. It will be available under "Handlings" of the new visit.

You will continue to receive updates of the handling status, if the terminal supports them. For details, see the “Functionality Matrix – Hinterland”.

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