Cargo Declaration Export Containers

Q4 2021

In the bulk sector, straightforwardly submit outgoing Customs manifests to Customs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Error messages

Loading list (Coprar) has been submitted but the export manifest cannot be found. How can I fix this?

Check the call reference number in the notification and verify whether the specified expected times of arrival and departure fall within the filter. There is also a notification in the notification settings that you can turn on. This concerns the notification ‘Loadlist message not processed by PCS’.

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Making changes

Can a sent manifest be deleted?

A sent manifest cannot be deleted.
The manifest must always feature at least one container with a document.
What you can do is enter a ‘non-existent’ document and link this to a ‘non-existent’ container number. You must request permission from Customs for this. If you have received permission from Customs, you can enter the ‘fake’ document and link it to the manifest.

For example:
Document type: ZZZ
Container number ERROR0000001
Document number: Date of exit

Next, you can send an UPDATE to Customs listing the document without all other containers; the other containers must be deleted.
The export manifest remains in the system.

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Process progress

Why was the manifest refused?

In most cases, a manifest is refused because it was submitted too late. Customs only allows manifests to be submitted electronically no later than 10 days after departure. If this is the case, you can request Customs to still register the rejected notification. In other cases, you can contact the service desk.

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Who has submitted my manifest and/or when was it sent?

You can check when the manifest was sent by requesting one of the containers in track & trace. It is only possible to share the party responsible for sending the manifest with the administrator of your organisation or a person who has user management authorisation. This person can contact the service desk.

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