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Do I need to enter the facilities?

We recommend adding the facilities to the previous ports in the security information. This ensures that the security information is correctly passed on to the Port Authority.
Make sure to specify the actual facility. If you really do not know this information, you may enter UNKNOWN.

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Error messages

What do I do if I receive the error message: ‘Not allowed to declare security: Visit times are not in chronological order’?

This error is attributable to the fact that the data in the upload file does not match the data that is stated in the vessel call. The data in the vessel call will have to be adjusted to match the data stated in the upload file. This is related to the listed date/time not corresponding. If the data matches, the file can be uploaded again and it will be processed.

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Process progress

An airplane icon continues to be displayed for the order. Why does it not immediately advance in the screen?

An order from the nautical service providers, for example, is processed per berth at the Port Authority. For each berth, you specify the items that need to be ordered and next you click on ‘Order movement’. The order will then be placed with the Port Authority. The Port Authority will have to approve or reject the order. Until that time, the order will continue to display the airplane icon in Portbase.
Note: do make sure to use the 2-hour period for ordering. When an order remains stuck, the agent will have to contact the Port Authority to have the order fixed.

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My ship does not show up in the service Cargo Declaration Import. What causes this?

Not being able to report cargo in the service Cargo Declaration Import means that the manifest is not available. This may have several causes:

  • The agent wishing to report cargo has not been registered as a cargo handling agent. This is mandatory if cargo needs to be reported. Ensure that the ship operator lists the agent as the cargo handling agent.
  • Something went wrong regarding the synchronisation of the ship's report. This may be attributable to a problem at Portbase. Please contact the Portbase service desk for assistance in this matter.

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What can I do if I do not receive an ATA for my specified trip? Can this still be specified?

The ATA needs to be sent by the Port Authority. If this is not the case, you can have this specified via the Service Desk. For this, you must send an e-mail with permission from the Port Authority to the e-mail address of the Portbase service desk. We can use this to assist you in still specifying the ATA for the trip.

There is an exception for the port of Vlissingen. No ATA (or ATD) is specified for this port.

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What should I do if I have already received a CRN number from the harbour master?

Are you planning on making use of the follow-up services (such as Cargo Declaration Import)? Then it is mandatory for certain ports such as Hansweert, Vlissingen and Terneuzen, Den Helder, Ankerplaats Zeeland and Breskens to manually enter the registered CRN in the screen. For the other ports, you can search for the ship using the IMO number or vessel name. After you have done this, it is also possible to copy a previously entered trip.

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Making changes

I cannot remove the berth. How do I fix this?

A berth can only be removed if it has not yet received an ATA. If the berth has not yet received an ATA, it can be removed. Make sure that no cargo, hazardous substances or waste materials have been reported at these berths. These will have to be removed first. If nothing has been booked for the berth, the berth can be removed. You can remove a berth in the vessel call by means of the trash can.

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Can an ATA or ATD still be removed?

It is possible to remove the ATA and ATD. However, you must first contact the Port Authority. Both the ATA and the ATD are automatically issued by the Port Authority. As soon as you receive an email confirming that the ATA/ATD may be removed, you can forward this to the Portbase service desk. We can use this to assist you in removing the ATA or ATD for the trip specified.

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I am unable to cancel my trip. The system indicates that it still has cargo listed. How do I fix this?

When receiving this notification, it is important to check which party has cargo booked on this trip:

  • Is it you? Then make sure that this cargo is removed from the service Cargo Declaration Import. Make sure that you do send the SAL to Customs after you have removed it. As soon as this has been done, it becomes possible to cancel the trip.
  • Is it another agent? Then said agent needs to remove the cargo in its screen. You need to contact the agent and request them to remove this cargo. You also need to ask them to re-send the SAL.

Hazardous substances
If the system indicates that hazardous substances are still listed on the vessel call, then use Cargo Declaration Import to locate the hazardous substances notification. Next click on the flame icon so that you are taken to the notification. Here, the possibility also exists that another agent has reported their hazardous substances and they need to remove this in the same manner. After that, you can remove the hazardous substances per consignment via the trash can. Next save this, after which the vessel call can be cancelled.

Does the system indicate that waste is still listed on the vessel call? Then click on the tab ‘Waste Declaration’ in the vessel call. You will we taken to ‘Waste Declaration’, where you can remove waste by clicking on the CANCEL button. Once this has been done, the vessel call can also be cancelled.

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I am unsuccessful in transferring the ship to another agent. Why is that?

There are various reasons why you might be unsuccessful in transferring a vessel call to another agent:

  • The vessel call has been rejected with a berth sequence error. If that is the case, it is also not possible to transfer the vessel call. When a berth sequence error is shown in the screens, this means that the specified berth sequence does not correspond to the information available to the Port Authority. The order of the berths will need to be adjusted. You can contact the Port Authority for this or consult the e-mail with the correct order of berths sent by the Port Authority.
  • An inactive cargo handling agent has been used. In that case, the vessel call cannot be transferred either. If you have used one or more inactive cargo handling agents, you must delete them and next hit save. After that, it is possible to transfer the ship.
  • In order to be able to transfer the ship to another agent, it is important that the berths are set to ‘arrived’. All previously specified berths will need to have an ATA in order to be able to transfer them.

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