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Efficient submission of border documents (GGBs) to the NVWA.


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Is Declaration Food and Consumer Products suitable for reporting “live animals”?

No, this service is not suitable for this. Are you involved in the import of live animals? Consult your trade association or the NVWA to find out which software suppliers can support you in this.

Process progress

Why has my notification been rejected and how can I fix this?

Your rejection is accompanied by one of the following reasons

R059 Invalid address Shipper
R060 Invalid address Addressee
R061 Invalid address Importer
R063 Invalid Delivery address

You need to adjust this in your notification and resend it.

You can check the addresses under this link of the NVWA (Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority):

For European addresses, the postal code and city name need to exactly match the data as shown on the site.

For non-European addresses, the city name must correspond exactly. If the postal code is too long to enter in the Portbase screen, you can shorten it.

You can then resend your notification.

Error messages

What do the rejections R006 and R027 mean and how can I fix this?

R006 - Product code missing or incorrect (Goods classification * LVM / PRD)
R027 – Goods code (GN) missing or incorrect

First, check whether the Animo Code has been entered and is correct:

Also check the fields ‘goods classification’, ‘purpose of use’ and ‘destination code’. These must for example be entered as follows:

Goods Classification: Foodstuff
Purpose of Use: Further processing (LNV)
Destination code: Input

It is possible that an animocode is only allowed for a certain combination of these data.

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