Declaration Food and Consumer Products

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Efficiently submit border documents to NVWA.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I declare transhipment cargo with a destination within the EU?

For cargo destined for transhipment (transhipment) and a final destination within the EU, the following instruction applies:

  • In the 'declaration' section: fill in 'place of destination (country)'
  • In section 'Transhipment': leave 'Third country of destination' blank
  • In section 'Transhipment': fill in 'Border control post'
  • In the 'goods' section, select the 'EU standard' option

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Where can I find the release v2 code

You will find the release code (V2 code) at the top of the declaration. This code is also in the 'Timeline'

The release code is only visible once the NVWA has released the GGB. You will need this code to complete the import declaration.

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Can I also file GGB declaration for airfreight shipments

Yes, Declaration Food and Consumer Products is suitable for inbound shipments by sea and air.

In the ‘Mode of Transport’ field under ‘Mode of Transport for Border', select 'Air Transport'. Also enter the flight number in the 'Name' field.

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How do I change the organisation details (e.g. EORI number and address) and contact details (e.g. e-mail address and phone number) that are sent with the declaration?

Your organisation details and contact details are sent to the NVWA with every declaration. This information can be edited.
1. Go to the main screen
2. Select settings at the top right
3. Go to 'Organisation configuration'
4. After you have made your changes, select ‘Save’

The NVWA currently accepts only one contact address per organisation. Use a central e-mail address if multiple individuals need access.

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Is it possible to copy a declaration from the old service to the new/updated service?

By using the 'Sync' button at the bottom right of the main screen of the old service, the declaration can be copied to the new/updated service.

All declarations from September 2023 onwards are in both the old and the new/updated service.

In exceptional cases, there may be unknown punctuation marks in the updated service. This can be resolved by syncing again.

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Is it possible to declare phytosanitary products or live animals (GGB-A) in the service?

No, it is not possible to submit a declaration for this type of cargo in the service Declaration Food and Consumer Products.

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Where can I find the status ‘Document confirm (awaiting original)’?

For veterinary cargo via ferry operators, the NVWA allows document control (D-control) to be performed based on a copy of your certificate. Your GGB declaration will then be given the status ‘Document confirm (awaiting original)’ also known as a 'provisional D-compliant'.

You can leave the ferry terminal after demonstrating to Customs that your shipment has the status 'Document Provisionally Compliant'.

You can demonstrate this status in two ways:

1) By using the print function (PDF)
2) By means of an e-mail notification

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Is Declaration Food and Consumer Products suitable for reporting “live animals”?

No, this service is not suitable for this. Are you involved in the import of live animals? Consult your trade association or the NVWA to find out which software suppliers can support you in this.

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