Certificate NVWA + service improvement

4 April 2024 | Declaration Food and Consumer Products

Today, the option to add the certificate as attachment to new declarations is live. You can add the attachment under ‘Document(s)’. Portbase will change the name of the document as required by the NVWA.

The following information should be considered when adding the certificate as attachment.

  • Make sure you keep sending the certificates also to customs via e-mail until further notice.
  • For Transhipment load (type Bill of lading); an attachment is not required
  • Important: use document type ‘Health certificate’ only. ‘Veterinary certificate’ is only used for living animals.

Service Improvements

Two weeks ago, the renewed service went live. We made several changes after go-live such as: the ‘Border control post’ which is more intuitive. In the future, we will add the gross weight and seal number to the print feature, we will implement an option to look up an organisation based on ‘approval number’ and it will be possible to select a mail notification when the NVWA has accepted your declaration.

Unfortunately, we see the lookup for organizations and GN-codes are not as quick as we would like. We are working together with the NVWA on improving these lookup features.