Notification Ship’s Stores

The obligation to electronically notify vessel supplies is a result of the new government checkpoint known as the Single Window for maritime and aviation. This notification replaces the requirement to submit the IMOFAL 3 form to Customs by e-mail. Submitting electronic notifications via the service Notification Ship’s Stores is extremely easy.

The captain, shipping company, shipbroker or shipping agent enters the ship’s stores in an Excel sheet, which can then be uploaded to the Port Community System. We then forward the data in the proper format to Customs, via the Single Window for maritime and aviation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Process progress

I have entered a wrong list of Ship’s Stocks. How do I proceed?

Unfortunately, if you have uploaded a wrong list in the service Notification Ship’s Stores this cannot be changed. This is because the Customs system does not allow notifications related to changes or cancellations. To solve this problem, please email the correct list to the Customs Clearance department at the following address:

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Is there a deadline for submitting information on stores, i.e. a point after which it is no longer possible to do so?

According to Customs legislation, the notification of ship's stores (the STO message) must be submitted no later than the time of arrival: the deadline is thus the ATA.

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What if I have sent the STO to Customs and then it turns out the ship has dropped anchor?

It is likely that a pre-notification has been submitted for the visit via Vessel Notification, and that a notification of Ship’s Stores (STO) is now being made. The ship has not yet arrived for its visit and has dropped anchor instead. The ship’s stores are therefore being used – which means the quantities will be lower than predicted at the moment when the ship actually arrives. As a shipping agent and the person submitting the ship's stores, you must then contact Customs via They can help you adjust the listed quantity to the actual quantity upon arrival.

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What if I have submitted an STO to Customs and the ship doesn’t arrive after all?

If the ship fails to arrive, you will need to cancel the visit via Vessel Notification. Cancelling the vessel visit is sufficient. There is no need to also adjust the quantities listed in the STO message.

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How should I count the “Narcotics” present?

For narcotics (009), you can enter a weight of “1” to refer to a list of “medicines” which are on board at the time of entering the port.
This list includes a description and quantity of the product in question.

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Which information must I include in an STO message?

The content of this message is described in the N88 chart in the Customs code book. Twelve categories of goods are listed, along with the units in which they must be expressed. Examples are the number of cigarettes, number of cigars and number of litres of wine. The bunkers and lubricating oil in connection with the ship’s propulsion must also be included in the STO message.

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Will I soon be able to submit the Notification Provisions/Bunkers via the new Portbase service as well?

Several areas of uncertainty remain with regard to the electronic submission of provision information by shipping agents and Customs’ ability to enforce this requirement. Customs is still looking into this matter at the moment. Consequently, the new service Notification Ship's Stores does not provide an option to electronically notify the provisions.

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Making changes

Is it possible to edit the content of the IMOFAL 3?

The IMOFAL 3 is now becoming the Single Window STO message, which must be used to submit the ship’s stores. It is not possible to correct errors in that message. This means that – once you have submitted the message to Customs via the Port Community System (PCS) – it is no longer possible to edit or cancel the message. So long as you have not yet submitted the message to Customs, you will remain able to upload new
(corrected) versions in the PCS.

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