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What is Discharge Information?

With Discharge information, the terminal feeds back the actual unloaded weight to the manifest. This update is shared with all parties in the chain and port involved in the unloading process. The stowage data specified can also be reused one-on-one in the Hazardous Goods Notification to the Harbor Master.

Discharge Information is available in Dutch and English. To adjust your preference, see manual 'Setting up e-mail notifications and screen language'.

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How do I set up an e-mail notification for stowage data as a shipping agent?

Shipping agents can be automatically informed when terminal operators have updated stowage data in Unloading information.

For this, however, an e-mail notification must be set in Notification Ship.

  • Log in to Notification Ship 2.0
  • Click on your name at the top right of the screen
  • Go to 'Preferences'

  • Go to 'Cargo Import emails for cargo handling agents'
  • Enter your email address at 'Bulk discharge difference reported  by terminal'
  • Press 'Save' at the top of the screen

From now on you will immediately receive an e-mail if the terminal operator has entered a change.

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