Way of working lock planning Amsterdam: What do the changes mean for me?

  • If an ETD has been changed twice in the Port Community System PortBase (PCS) then changing it again will no longer result in an automatic lock reservation in the DSP.
  • To finalize an outgoing reservation the agent will have to order the ship 6 hours before the berth ETD at the latest. This used to be 4 hours. If the agent fails to meet these requirements the order will be cancelled. Once the agent finalizes their order the ship will be scheduled by the VC.
  • If the agent changes the berth ETD to more than 24 hours later then a new reservation will be made. This new reservation can also be changed twice.

Agents are advised to provide ETDs for berths as accurately as possible. Regardless if this would trigger a reservation in DSP or not.

The exact changes will be available per june 1st on the DSP website: https://www.portofamsterdam.com/nl/sluisplanning

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