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Cargo status

How can I monitor the status of my cargo?

In Cargo Release Manager will inform you can follow the picked up status of you cargo at the terminal:

Import phases

Each indicator will monitor the status concerning a phase in the import flow of the container. It will indicate an overall status, or the must urgent one. All indicators contain a group of specific indicators within these phases:

  • Release Transport Equipment
    • Commercial Release status
  • Pickup Transport Equipment
    • Inland Nomination status
    • Pre-Notifcation status

As you can see, the 2 indicators will inform you about 3 separate indicators. These 3 indicators are visible when you view the status details via the i-button.

Color and icons

The main indicator will provide you with the overall status of the phase, or the most urgent one within that phase. Their color and icon will read as the following:

  • : Status confirmed, all indicators are green.
  • : At least one indicator is yellow, your attention may be needed.
  • : At least one indicator is red, attention is needed.
  • : Status pending, not all indicators are green, none are yellow or red. No attention needed.
  • : Status (yet) unknown. There is no update available, a possible update is expected like the ETA. Waiting for update.

With these indicators you will be in control about you cargo. In addition with the filter options in Cargo Release Manager you are now able to manage you cargo by exceptions.

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How can I see whether the carriers’ pre-notification has been accepted by the terminal?

In Cargo Controller and Cargo Release Manager, we display the status of the pre-notification in the last status icon. Nominating an Inland Operator turns the status blue; on acceptance, the status changes to green. You can filter by this status on the left side of the Cargo Overview.

As you can see, the pre-notification is shown with the scheduled collection date, time and modality at the terminal.

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How can I see where and if the empty container was returned by the haulier?

This value is not currently available in Cargo Controller and Cargo Release Manager. For now, you will find this value on the delivery note the shipping company send you by e-mail. We are currently working with the shipping companies in order to also be able to display these values to all parties in the chain via the Portbase Secure Chain, via the Portbase services.

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