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Terminal Data

I don’t see any terminal data in my B/Ls, how is that possible?

Per terminal the conditions on which you can see data may differ, see the current terminals that provide data. Are you a Cargo Controller API user? Please see below more information.

Still not seeing MyTerminal data in Cargo Controller?

To view data from these terminals, your organization needs at least a free MyTerminal account. If your organization takes out a more extensive, paid MyTerminal subscription, you will also see more data elements in Cargo Controller. Here you can request a MyTerminal account at Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam.

The registration of your organisation in MyTerminal is not the same as in PCS. You can easily check this by checking your Chamber of Commerce number in PCS: Go to User Management in the PCS main menu. You will be taken directly to the screen with your organisation data, and there you will see which NAW and KvK data you are registered with in PCS. This should exactly match your organisation's account data in MyTerminal.

You can read here how to view your organisation data in MyTerminal.

If the numbers do not match, even though you believe it's the same company profile, please send an email to both sales@portbase.com and myterminal@ect.nl. Mention the company name and Chamber of Commerce number registered in both platforms.

Terminal data via API

For the Cargo Controller API we have added new fields where the terminal data is shown (if it is available for that terminal). For more information, see our changelog in the API specifications on our Developer Portal.

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