How do I report a next vessel under transhipment container in IFTMCS?

If you want to add the data for the connecting feeder to the IFTMCS message, you can do so in the TPL segment.
Only the means of transport and the transport means name are extracted. We do not use any of the other fields.


It is not possible to add the voyage number. We have agreed with ECT Delta Terminal that instead of the vessel name, the radio call sign can be entered in this field. In the TPL segment, you only specify the follow-up modality. If you want to specify a next vessel, fill in the combination with the call sign or vessel name.

Allowed values are converted to the domain values of the Mode_of_Transport domain:
BARGE = 8 (inland water transport)
RAIL = 2 (rail transport)
SEA = 1 (maritime transport)
TRUCK = 3 (road transport)

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