Can I authorize or nominate before the commercial release is issued?

Cargo Controller: Yes, you can track the B/L and container(s) in Cargo Controller long before the ship’s ETA. But you can only manage the chain by authorizing or nominating a party after the Import manifest is known.

However, the chain will only become active once the commercial release has been granted. Only then can the pre-notification be made at the terminal. Everyone in the chain can receive an update when the commercial release is released.

Cargo Release Manager: No, within Cargo Release Manager you can only access the B/L after the commercial release is issued and then manage the chain.

NB! If the commercial release never follows because another party receives the commercial release or changes the B/L number (due to division), this entire chain will become redundant. You can then delete the B/L data, you can read more about that here.

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