Can I automatically authorize the (next inline) cargo director?

Yes, you can add your logistics partner(s) to your organisation as ‘authorised cargo director(s)’. You need to be a main user or a user manager of your IAM organisation to access these functionalities.

Assigning roles

Using the explanation below, you can register regular forwarders and thus partly automate the authorization to these trusted parties. This option applies to chains where you as an organization have the role of ‘Release-to Party’ and your chain partner will assign the role of Cargo Director.

Please note: If you also want to limit the choice of Inland Operators to your regular, trusted group of operators, read here how you can set this up.

Register trusted partners

  1. Log in to Cargo Controller, or Cargo Release Manager, and go to user menu > Manage data authorisations.
  2. You are in Commercial Release tab. Select the ‘Trusted Cargo Director’ tab; here you can select your logistics partners. You can add multiple parties.

Activation: If your partner tracks the same B/L in Cargo Controller, it will automatically be linked as ‘Cargo director’ due to this registration. Here is a schematic representation of how this can work for you in practice:

Tip: Use this option for a limited number of organizations, as it may cause confusion if too many organizations are able to claim these automatic permissions. If multiple automatically authorized parties are tracking the same B/L, that will cause an undesirable situation that will be difficult for you to monitor. We recommend using this option very sparingly and actively managing it. You can delete parties using the ‘Delete’ button.

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