Can I download B/L data to process into my own systems?

Yes. In Cargo Controller you can very easily download an overview of all B/Ls that you currently have visible in your overview screen. This depends on the filters you have active.

Download selection

Based on your filters, you can choose to download all B/Ls or a number of specific B/Ls. Click on the ‘checkbox’ at the top of the overview screen to select all B/Ls for download at once.

Or select the desired B/Ls at B/L level by selecting the ‘checkbox’ per B/L.


After you have selected at least 1 B/L, additional action buttons will become visible at the top of the overview screen. In the example below, all visible B/Ls are selected. You will see the ‘Download’ button almost on the left.

You will receive confirmation via a pop-up message of how many B/Ls have been selected for the download and you can confirm the download. A CSV file will then follow with the requested data.

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