Can I set up an e-mail notification when I receive a commercial release?

Yes that is possible. If you use a system interface (Cargo Controller API), the following is also relevant to you.

Carriers can even send you a commercial release for a container while you do not yet track the B/L and container yourself. In this case, you are not immediately informed if an unknown B/L is linked to your organization via the commercial release. With this notification you will be notified immediately.

  1. Open the user details via the round button with your initial, at the top right of the main screen.
  2. Choose ‘Notification settings’.
  3. Look for the email notification (near the bottom) titled ‘Commercial release notification’.
  4. Via the slider you can switch an e-mail notification on or off.
  5. E-mail notifications are sent to the e-mail address of your PCS account.

From now on you will receive an e-mail notification if you are designated as a release-to party.

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