Error message: 4201 TAG 4666 – EORI number not valid

The ship notification is rejected by Customs because the Carrier customs ID of the carrier in Vessel Notification is not correct. We request that you verify the correctness of the number of the carrier. You can do this through the following link:

Once you have found the correct number, you can adjust the carrier’s EORI number in your vessel notification.

To resubmit the vessel notification, you can adjust the ETA by setting it a minute later and clicking the “save” button. The “Send” button will next become available, after which you can resubmit the ship’s trip.

When an ENS notification is involved that is rejected as a result, the carrier must also first be amended in Vessel Notification. Next, everything can be submitted again in Cargo Declaration Import 2.0 through the button “redeclare all”.

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