How can I activate Secure Chain within Cargo Controller?

If you are already using Cargo Controller, you can have the following activated by your organization’s main administrator. For Cargo Controller API users, the steps below are also necessary to complete before you can use our extensive API functions.

Master administrators have access to the PCS-menu option ‘Organization management’:

In this menu, the main user can issue rights to users by means of User groups. Go to the User Groups tab.

We have added a User Group ‘Cargo Controller (Director)’ for all existing Cargo Controller users. Click on this title and you can then add colleagues to this group. Click on ‘Save’ to apply the changes.

A colleague who is already logged in will then have to log out and log in before the extra functionalities are visible in his Cargo Controller environment.

Tip: In this way, we hope that you limit the management of these functionalities to the users who actually use them in their work.

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