How can I create time schedules and manage them?

As an inspection station, you can generate time schedules in order to manage your opening hours and capacity. You can change these at your own discretion.

  1. Open the user preferences (the round button with your initial in the top right of the main screen).
  2. Under your organisation name, choose ‘Manage time schedules’

Next, you will see all current or expired time schedules. You can edit this via the ‘Details’ button or create a new time schedule via ‘+ Add time schedule’.

Adding time schedule
Specify the period for which this time schedule is valid. Are your opening hours or capacity not subject to change? Then create a time schedule with an end date far in the future. If your opening hours and capacity change from a certain date (for example evening inspections or an adjusted holiday schedule), you can create a new time schedule with these start and end dates. NB! Make sure that these periods are consecutive and do not overlap with other time schedules.

For each day, you can (in several time blocks) indicate the periods of time that your time slot is available and the capacity that is available within said time slot. The capacity is the number of CVED declarations that can be requested. If the total daily capacity is 60 CVEDs and you have two time slots, then enter a capacity of 30 for each time slot. Do you not distinguish between multiple time slots? Then create one time slot and set the capacity at 60.

Next, click on Save and your time schedule is ready.

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