How can I quickly find my prenotification/status request, visit or rotation?

There are search filters within the screens. By entering one or more search terms, you can create a list. Search terms can be combined by means of a space. A search is performed on the words you see in the list but also on words and fields in the entire prenotification/status request, visit or rotation.

Examples: Go to the list of ‘Handlings’ or the ‘Handlings’ tab in a visit.

Desired result: list of all handlings of containers Search terms
being loaded Loading
being discharged Discharge
with container number ABCD6170760 ABCD6170760
with booking number/clearance reference


being discharged with a rejected prenotification rejected discharge
that have been cancelled Cancelled
that are empty and have been discharged empty discharged
with shipping company ‘Orient Overseas Container Line Ltd’ OOCL
that are blocked BLC
for which the documents are not in order (Customs Documents Missing) CDM

Below is a summary of known codes which the terminal can communicate back to you via the handling status and which you can search on using the search filter.

Code Omschrijving
BCO Before cargo opening
BLA Blocked by shipping line
BLB Blocked by security
BLC Blocked due to customs
BLD Blocked by fire brigade
BLI Blocked by inspection
BLN Blocked due to difference in container number between delivery order and physical container
BLP Blocked by police
BLT Blocked by terminal/Not present
CDM Customs documents missing
COA Container not available
COK Container OK
COR Container not released/Booking status
COU Container unknown
CTV Cancel Terminal Visit
DUP Duplicate order
ORA Booking already in use
ORN Booking number unknown/Carrier or container lessor unknown
OTH Other
QQQ Conditionally accepted
RUB Message has error in specified EDIland category, ie. RUB76.1
BOF Booking status
BON Size/type
NNG Booking number unknown
VES Vessel unknown

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