How do I convert part of an import B/L to transhipment, na ATA?

  • Go to the MLI (Cargo Declaration Import) service and select the specific B/L;
  • Once in MLI delete the containers that will be transhipped from the B/L;
  • Adjust ‘Sea in sea out’ status to import status for the remaining containers in this B/L;
  • Re-issue the adjusted MLI;
  • Adjust the MID:
    • The terminal has MID 2.0 –> withdraw the MID, make necessary adjustments and re-submit;
    • The terminal doesn’t have MID 2.0 –> contact and inform the terminal, adjust the MID and re-submit;
  • Create a new MLI with ‘sea in sea out’ indicator for the container(s) that need to be transhipped;
  • Press ‘Save and send’ REN will be sent immediately to Dutch Customs.

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