How do I submit a T2L(F) document via Cargo Declaration Import?

This is done in the same way as you did for the Proof of Union Status (PoUS) scheme. You can submit your Cargo Import Notification in two ways:

  1. Via IFTMCS (EDI);
  2. Manually in the Cargo Import Notification service.

In both cases:

  • select at Customs Status: EU Community Goods – C
  • enter the received PoUS MRN number in the same place as all other MRN numbers (segment: RFF; reference qualifier: MRN).

Notification Import Documentation (NID)

It is important that the MRN number you use is also specified in the Notification Import Documentation (NID) service. For more information about this, click here.

Q&A PoUS from Dutch Customs

Click here for the full Q&A regarding PoUS from Customs Netherlands.

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