How does Cargo Tracker differ from Boxinsider?

In terms of functionalities, Boxinsider and Cargo Tracker are largely the same.
An overview of the differences:

  • Boxinsider contained data from Pronto. As a result, details of the ship visit were known weeks to months in advance and a customer was able track the ship. It was not possible to verify whether the ship actually had the customer’s cargo on board.
    Cargo Tracker reuses data from agents from the Port Community System (PCS). This allows you to monitor data pertaining to the ship’s visit in Cargo Tracker one to two weeks prior to the arrival. Is the cargo put aboard a different ship? Then Cargo Tracker will automatically follow the new ship.
  • Like Boxinsider, Cargo Tracker contains terminal Gate-out data. In Cargo Tracker, an additional rate per container may be applicable for some terminals in this respect.
  • Boxinsider contained data from inland terminals. This is not yet the case in Cargo Tracker. Portbase is currently conducting talks with the inland terminals to also connect them to Cargo Tracker.

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