How does the shunt process, document type ENL/TNL, proceed in the different services?

  1. The Status of the ATO should be set to sea-in/sea-out (code 27). For ATA vessel, the REN document will be sent to the terminal via the Portbase service NID.
  2. The terminal makes the NED prenotification (ENL) and the NID prenotification (TNL).
    • If the terminal has the request to cancel the NID prenotification from step 1 for the REN document type, you must perform the cancellation in the service NID. Only the agent responsible for the ATO can do this. ECT terminal is currently the only terminal that automatically facilitates the withdrawal of an NID message.
      Note: do not perform the withdrawal by changing the sea-in/sea-out status or cancelling directly in the Cargo Declaration Import service.
  3. The REN MRN number will be automatically linked on the export manifest.

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