How will I receive the feedback to the MdoH from the harbourmaster and/or the municipal health service?

A new feature is functional feedback from the harbourmaster (right-hand blue icon: ‘Pending’). The other icons (green tick) are technical feedback items indicating that the notification has arrived in the harbourmaster’s system but they say nothing about its content. All functional feedback is currently sent from the harbourmaster’s system to the agent via e-mail, the so-called ‘Clearance mail’. ‘Health’ is the first task to be displayed in PCS in this way. In time, we want to extend this solution to the other tasks. This will replace e-mails from the harbourmaster.

Fortunately, there are no health problems on the vast majority of ships. The staff of the HCC/HOC currently assess all MDoHs manually. We can now automate this work so that we only assess those MDoHs where there is a problem. If nothing is wrong, the agent gets almost immediate functional feedback (green tick on the right-hand side) that everything is in order. • If there are any special circumstances, the icon turns orange and the municipal health service is informed. • If the MDoH is not in order, the icon turns red. In this case, the captain will probably have to send a new one so that the agent can submit it to the harbourmaster again. • If there any special circumstances or if the MDoH is not in order, you will see a notification on the screen. You can also subscribe to notifications such as an e-mail and/or text message from the PCS in ‘Preferences’.

If there are any special circumstances, the municipal health service will be informed. The municipal health service will contact the agent and/or the captain if action is required. Who the municipal health service contacts depends on what the issue is.

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