I have not received a Confirmation of Exit (CoE)

The Confirmation of Exit is normally sent by Customs provided that:

  • An arrival notification has been sent for the document and
  • An export manifest from the shipping line has been sent and
  • The vessel’s ATD has been sent and accepted.

Should you have not received a Confirmation of Exit for some reason, then you will be notified by Customs after 30 and 125 days respectively that no Confirmation of Exit has yet been generated for the document in question. If you receive such a message, a screen print of our Track & Trace ECS module will suffice to still obtain the Confirmation of Exit from Customs. Mail: Douane.drh.Maasvlakte.Nabewerking@belastingdienst.nl

If you do not respond within 150 days, the document will be deactivated and Customs will assume that the cargo listed in said document has never been exported. As a possible next step, the information may be used by the tax authorities to inquire what happened to the cargo during a VAT inspection. If you cannot provide a satisfactory answer, there is a change that the VAT is still recovered.

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