I see that I am no longer assigned for my B/L; how is this possible?

Revoked release

Just as you can revoke the rights of the next party in the chain, your principal in the chain can also revoke this for you as a release-to-party, director or inland operator.

For example, a carrier can withdraw the entire commercial release for the full chain. At that point, the container will no longer be available for collection until the commercial release has been re-issued again.

Your chain may have already been fully prepared, and this chain is still active at this point. Only without the commercial release your inland operator cannot remove the container. If the carrier re-issues the commercial release, this automatically restores your prepared chain and your inland operator can submit the pre-notification.

The same effect can also arise if the validity of your commercial release has expired. Although this is not yet the case at this stage of the Secure Chain, this may change in the future.

Contact your carrier for a new commercial exemption.

Revoked authorization or nomination

Please contact your client if you are no longer authorized or nominated for this cargo.

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