Inspection/release/stop sign – information about the inspection and release process

Shipments for export (Customs regulations for export) are reported to Customs by the terminal upon arrival at the terminal. Based on a risk analysis, Customs may decide to subject a shipment to an inspection.

If a container is subjected to an inspection, a red stop sign will appear in the ‘Inspection/Release Notification’ field. If Customs mandates an inspection, this is usually communicated within 5 minutes after the ‘arrival at exit’ (in exceptional cases, this can also take place at a later time). During an inspection, the export shipment is blocked at the terminal until Customs has performed the inspection and sends a message of release.

The shipping line is responsible for submitting the shipment to Customs for inspection. They will also be informed by us of the inspection notification.

Once the shipment has been released, a green check mark will appear in the ‘Inspection/Release Notification’ field.

If the inspection has been performed but there is no green tick, you can contact the National Customs helpdesk via telephone number +31 (0)88-1566655. They can look up the status and send a release notification to Portbase.

If a shipment is not subjected to an inspection, the ‘Inspection/Release Notification’ field will always feature a grey dot.

For other documents, no arrival notification will be sent to Customs. Here too, the ‘Inspection/Release Notification’ field will always feature a grey dot.

Tip: you can also receive e-mail notifications if the status of documents you have pre-notified changes. Read the FAQ about e-mail notifications.

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