My import document is not recognised by the terminal, why is this?

  • Check the status of your notification: if the status is ‘rejected’ (by PCS or terminal) or ‘failed’, the notification has not been accepted. Resolve the error message and resend the notification
  • Check that the correct document number, document type and container/shipment number have been entered. If this is not the case, enter the correct information and resend the notification
  • Check that you have entered the correct terminal. Sometimes the cargo is switched to another terminal at the last minute; this information is not automatically updated in your Notification Import Documentation
  • Check in ‘Cargo information 2.0’ or ‘Import status’ to see whether your shipment or container has been unloaded. At some terminals, the import document is only recognised by the terminal system once the cargo has been added to the RTO (= Unloaded on the quayside).
  • If all the information is correct, there may have been some (short-term) disruption at the terminal or to the PCS. Resend your notification

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