My prenotification is shown as provisionally accepted (QQQ) and/or the handling is shown in grey, what does this mean?

If the handling status is grey and question marks are displayed, this means that the prenotification/status request has been processed and the terminal will update the handling status, unless you have cancelled the prenotification. In the handling status, you will see the code QQQ.

If your notification is shown as provisionally accepted (QQQ), this may have 2 causes:

  • The terminal itself still has too little information to accept or reject the prenotification. The terminal will automatically send status updates as soon as more information is known in their system (for example, once the container has arrived). No action is required on your part.
  • It is also possible that you mistakenly sent the prenotification to the wrong terminal. In this case, no further status update will follow. We recommend that you check this and, if necessary, change the terminal.

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