Service management

Life cycle: services

Creating a new service request

If you want to offer a service through the IAMconnected platform as a service provider, you can easily do so via the website. If you have not yet registered an organisation, please do so first. See registering an organisation for information on how to do so. The top-level administrator of the organisation has a ‘service management’ tab where the service can be registered. Enter the required details (see implementation guide for more information). When the request is submitted, the contractual actions will be set in motion and if everything is approved, the top-level administrator will receive a ‘client-id’ and ‘client-secret’ to finalise the link with IAMconnected.

Requesting a change to an existing service

In order to keep the service up to date in terms of technical and business information, you can amend the service details via the website. Navigate to ‘service management’ and click on the service you want to amend. There you will see the current details, which you can now change as required. When you submit the new details, this will be presented as a request to IAMconnected for verification. If approved, the details will be accepted and processed immediately.

Removing a service

If you decide to stop offering your service via IAMconnected, the service must no longer be available via the website. It is not yet possible to remove an existing service via the website. To do so, please contact the Portbase service desk.

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