The equipment has been received at the terminal. How can I adjust, add or remove the document number of Customs?

The 3 steps below must be followed to adjust a document number after the shipment has been successfully received at the terminal.

  1. Check with the shipping company whether the equipment with booking number is not on a sent manifest. Consult with the shipping company about the options if the shipment is on the manifest. No changes can be made by the forwarder or terminal once the manifest has been sent.
  2. Contact the Central Work Center for Customs to get an agreement for the planned changes. The Centraal Werkpunt can be reached by telephone on 088 153 39 63 or by e-mail, see the overview below. If the central working point agrees, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.
  3. Check in the overview below whether changes can be submitted directly via the terminal or whether this is done via the shipping company.

Note: always ask the terminal or shipping company to change the equipment into fake/dummy equipment and have a new line/MED added. Include the proof from step 2 in the email to the shipping company or terminal. The terminal will change the equipment number in Notification Export Documentation to a fictitious equipment. The pre-registration will remain visible, but has been made unusable. In addition, the terminal will retrieve the document number from their own administration (RTO). If the change of the document number is unsuccessful, please contact Customer Service.

Terminal E-mail Douane Contact terminal or shipping company
P&O Europoort
+31 18 125 5310
Stena Line
+31 17 438 9344
+35 22 644 66 288
+31 10 208 4992
+31 10 294 2491 of +31 10 294 2 416
ECT Delta Via shipping company
Euromax Via shipping company
Hutichon Ports Delta 2 Via shipping company
Broekman Logistics

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