What are a Commercial Window, a Cargo Opening and a Cargo Closing and how can I determine the validity of the commercial window, the Cargo Opening time and the Cargo Closing time for a specific container?

Commercial Window: time span within which a container may be collected from the terminal/depot.

By specifying the expected collection time of the means of transport (ETA) in the status request or pre-notification, the terminal/depot will communicate the specific date and time information in response. For containers to be collected, this is listed as the Commercial Window. If the ETA falls outside the time specified in the commercial window, the button next to Commercial Release will turn red in the pre-notification.

  • Cargo Opening: earliest time at which a container may be delivered to the terminal/depot.
  • Cargo Closing: latest time at which a container may be delivered to the terminal.

For containers that are to be delivered, this is listed as Cargo Opening/Closing. If the ETA falls before the Cargo Opening or after the Cargo Closing, the button next to Cargo Opening will turn red in the pre-notification.

See here which terminal supports this functionality.

Should you encounter any issues regarding the Commercial Window or Cargo Opening/Closing in relation to your intended transport planning, then please contact the client of your transport order.

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