What does the following error message mean: ‘Transport equipment ‘x’ contains export shipments from another forwarder. Are you sure that you have…’?

This is a warning if:

  1. the combination of transport equipment and booking number has previously been submitted in the Port Community System;
  2. the document number has already been entered by another party;
  3. the transport equipment contains multiple documents.

If the transport equipment does indeed contain multiple documents, you can click on OK and the prenotification will be saved.

In the case of 1 or 3, this will be followed by the error message: ‘The export shipment for document ‘x’ already exists’. This means that the combination of document number and transport equipment number already exists in the PCS. This may have been done by you or by another party in the chain. If the prenotification was sent by a forwarder or haulier, you can see this in Track & Trace Export. If the document was prenotified by a terminal, you can contact the Service Desk.

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