How do I create a new organisation (as the prospective Top-level Administrator)?

This functionality is not yet active.

You can do this in one of two ways. If you are not linked to an organisation yet, you will see a pop-up window with the option to create an organisation when you log in.

If you are already linked to an organisation, you can create an additional organisation via the ‘organisation management’ tab > ‘Register new organisation’.

When creating an organisation, the company data is first retrieved. For a Dutch company, you can search by its Chamber of Commerce number and for a foreign company by its organisation name, address and city.

Select the required authorised signatory and enter the associated contact details, the organisation type and your own business contact details. The authorised signatory will receive a request to identify themselves by e-mail. Once the identification has been completed and approved, the authorised signatory will be sent an activation code, which the prospective top-level administrator can use to complete the registration. This officially makes them the top-level administrator of the organisation. The code must be entered in the ‘open request’ screen, which can be accessed via the ‘open request’ tab. Once the organisation has been registered, employees can link themselves to the new organisation.

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